Are you feeling a high level of stress or anxiety and wanting to enjoy an improved sense of well being?

Are you experiencing tension in your family and wanting to feel more satisfaction in your life?

Are you going through a chronic or terminal illness or are you caring for a loved one who is dying? Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?

Are you feeling depressed and wanting to change that feeling?

Are you interested in learning about Mind-Body Skills?

Using Integrative Therapy, I can help you with the process of addressing your concerns.


What is Integrative Therapy?

Integrative therapy combines traditional psychotherapy with proven alternative mind-body practices such as meditation, visualization and qigong. As a result, the mind, spirit and body all work together to promote healing, wellness and personal growth.

My Philosophy:

In my professional experience I have learned that what makes
psychotherapy effective is the relationship between the client
and the therapist. It is difficult to talk to a professional about
deeply personal matters. When choosing a therapist it is important
to find someone with whom you can connect and feel at ease;
a compassionate and interactive guide who encourages self expression
and exploration of feelings. Clients come to me to address life issues
such as personal/professional transitions, trauma, stress in
relationships, health issues, grief and bereavement, anxiety and
depression. I combine conventional and alternative approaches
depending on my client's needs, desires and comfort level.

Southeastern Center
for Integrative Therapy
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455 East Paces Ferry Road
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Atlanta, GA 30305

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